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EEN OSH Ambassador

Confederación de Empresarios de Aragón (CEOE ARAGÓN)

Mission Statement
The Aragon Regional Confederation of Businessmen (CEOE ARAGON is a professional organization made up of the Aragonese provincial confederations: Huesca (the Business Confederation of the Province of Huesca, or CEOS); Teruel (the Teruel Business Confederation, or CET); and Zaragoza (the Confederation of Businessmen of Zaragoza, or CEZ) and close to 170 associations, which means that around 30,000 Aragonese businesses operate under its wing.
Since 2016 we are EU-OSHA Ambassadors for the EEN spanish network.
Main contact
secretariageneral [at] crea [dot] es
+34 976 46 00 66

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