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Soubor nástrojů kampaně

Plan your campaign


© Michel Wielick

Before you develop the specific message of your campaign, and the necessary supporting arguments, you need to have a clear goal in mind.



To have a chance at making an impact on the people you want to reach, your title should be as short and simple as possible and relevant to your target audience.


© Emmanuel Biard

Knowing your target audience and age range will determine your campaign and the tools needed.


© David Tijero Osorio

Timing is a key factor in any campaign, in terms of both when to launch the campaign and the campaign duration.


Copyright David Tijero Osorio

Choose which sectors or geographical area will be included


© Brenda Salinas

Think carefully about the main campaign message and what you are trying to communicate through your campaign.



A catchy slogan, a striking logo and campaign branding can be used to grab your audience’s attention.


© Mickael Burczyk

Most campaigns involve several types of media, from press releases and magazine articles to posters and direct mail shots.


© Filip De Smet

Communication is most effective when it is related to something practical and tangible.