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Richard DAUCH
President and Chief Executive Officer
Health and Safety is one of the core values that defines who we are as a company. With our robust management systems and policies, Delphi Technologies consistently outperforms other companies inside and outside of our industry when it comes to global safety. But our safety goal is not simply about statistics. It’s about protecting our people. We will not be satisfied until we meet our ultimate target of zero incidents.
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Our Vision:
- To be the leading global automotive partner for our customers with innovative, value-focused emissions, fuel economy and aftermarket solutions.
Our beliefs:
- Innovation is only as good as its value to our customers.
- The future is made clear through collaboration.
- Agility and responsiveness set us apart.
Our values:
- We embrace inclusion and equality.
- We lead with integrity, transparency and respect.
- We endeavor for excellence.
- We strive for sustainability.
- We give back to the places we call home
Zaveza naše kampanje: 
To review and assure an effective management of dangerous substance hazards, through reaching and raising awareness of all our employees and also their families (as also family members may be exposed to related risks in their own workplace and at home) on this issue, and through risk assessment, elimination and substitution.
Delphi Technologies
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