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ISHCCO - International Safety & Health Construction Coordinators Organization

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OSH professionals
Business sector
Mission Statement
Throughout Europe prevention and coordination of safety measures have been regulated by EU directives and most EU countries have transposed these directives into their national legislation, regulations and guidelines. A substantial part of these legal texts deal with the coordination of safety and health measures in construction work. ISHCCO know-how, its global training standard and information material on the practical application of the legal texts is of great assistance to the national associations of planning, safety and health coordinators. This will be conducive to cross border activities and consultations between European coordinators and will create the necessary legal protection in the planning, construction, maintenance and deconstruction of buildings and sites.
Our campaign pledge
Distributing the campaign information to our national members and participation in the steering committee.
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Safety and Health Construction Coordinators can enforce improvements by providing important information to the companies at site. For construction workers ''Lighten the Load'' sets the necessary focus on work related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) caused by manual lifting and carrying.
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