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EEN OSH Ambassador


Mission Statement
As a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network, EBİLTEM TTO is offering advisory services for SMEs in the region within the scope of the all EEN activities. In addition, academic and professional support staff are focusing on strengthen R&D activities of the University and to encourage University-Industry Cooperation. EBİLTEM-TTO has been operating as a “single stop centre” with its university-industry interface institution identity in areas which might be essential for the sector and academicians such as innovation, R&D, international technology transfer, intellectual and industrial property rights, technology licensing, national and international funds.

Mission-Vision: with the strength drawn from the infrastructure and specialist pool of Ege University, EBİLTEM TTO functions as an interface institution in University-Industry relations acting as a professional Project Generation Center and Consultancy Unit which offers R&D project supports by establishing communications with national and international organizations.
Main contact
husnu [dot] demir [at] ebiltem [dot] ege [dot] edu [dot] tr