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Managing Dangerous Substances in the Workplace

City West Hotel, DublinDublin Ireland

DCM Compliance as an official partner of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign now offers a free half day seminar that outlines the most important issues in the legislation regarding handling and documentation of chemicals in a few hours. In this workshop we will demonstrate how our system Chemdoc will be able to help your company to control chemical safety.
The content of the seminar will be:

  • An overview of chemical safety in the workplace and chemical safety legislation.
  • When a safety data sheet is required and its key elements.
  • When a workplace chemical risk assessment is required and best practices.
  • What is the requirement for new CLP colour labels
  • Requirements for substitution of hazardous chemicals on certain chemicals (candidate list, carcinogens, etc.)
  • How often do you need to update your safety data sheets.
  • Training of employees in chemical safety.
  • Dangerous goods handling and transportation
  • Your obligations as a HSE professional and your company requirements to staff.
  • Concrete examples of how this can be solved in Chemdoc
  • Questions and networking

The free half day seminar will address quality, environment and health and safety personnel in all types of companies that use chemical products for daily tasks, such as manufacturing facilities, government bodies such as county councils and transport groups, third level education facilities etc.
All attendees will also get a free Healthy Workplace Manage Dangerous Substances inforamtion gift pack.

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