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Lightening the musculoskeletal and psychosocial load at work

Certain psychosocial risk factors, such as working time, job security and support from managers, have been found to have a greater impact on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) than other factors, including sociodemographics and the sector of employment.  

Our Portuguese Focal Point gathers stakeholders from a range of national public bodies, labour inspectorates and health representatives on 12 July, to highlight how workplace measures to address and eliminate psychosocial risks can be highly effective in preventing MSDs. 

The importance of dynamic and holistic risk assessments will be emphasised, particularly in relation to remote working. Practical cases of evaluation and intervention will also be shared.  


Moderator: Emília Telo, EU-OSHA Focal Point Coordinator, Authority for Working Conditions (ACT) 



  • António Lencastre Godinho, President, ISLA - Polytechnic Institute of Management and Technology (ISLA-IPGT) 

  • José Joaquim Moreira, Director of the School of Technology, ISLA-IPGT 

  • Luísa Carvalho, Director, Greater Porto Local Center of the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT) 

  • Hernâni Veloso Neto, Director of OSH Courses at ISLA, ISLA-IPGT 

  • Manuel Freitas, Lecturer, ISLA-IPGT 

  • Bárbara Simões, Occupational Nurse 

  • Hugo Marques, Work Safety Engineer, A. Pimenta – Construções, Lda. 

  • Sofia Monteiro, Occupational Nurse, Workview - Safety and Health at Work 

ACT - Authority for Working Conditions
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