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Slovakia - New approaches to increasing awareness of dangerous substances

Hotel BorovicaŠtrbské PlesoSlovakia

This round table brings together representatives of the National labour inspectorate (NIP), Confederation of Trade Unions SR and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) representatives specialised in media to discuss new approaches to communicating about OSH related-matters, including the management of dangerous substances. Speakers also discuss OSH policies and their EU dimension and impact.

Representatives from the NIP explain the work and responsibilities of the newly opened department for international relations and communication and discuss the opportunities that social media communication can bring in the prevention of accidents in the workplace.

Finally, speakers highlight the messages and objectives of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign as well as other EU-OSHA activities.


  • Ing. Karol Habina, Director General, Národný inšpektorát práce 
  • Mgr. Miroslava Mošonová, Head of Department for labour inspection, Národný inšpektorát práce
  • Ing. Ján Trcka, Head of Department for international relations and communication, Národný inšpektorát práce
  • Ladislav Kerekeš, National Focal Point Manager, Národný inšpektorát práce
  • Martina Nemethová, spokesperson, Confederation of Trade Unions SR
National Labour Inspectorate
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