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SLIC campaign for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the number one occupational health complaint across European workplaces, affecting 60% of workers. To help combat this health risk, the Belgian Federal Public Service: Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue and the Belgian Senior Labour Inspectors Committee (SLIC) campaign coordinator have organised an informative webinar. The event runs from 9.15-12.00, with the first part of the morning in Dutch and the same information repeated from 10.45-12.00 in French.

The webinar starts with a recap of the EU-OSHA Lighten the Load campaign on MSDs, which has covered a range of topics related to MSDs, such as teleworking, practical risk assessment tips, and how psychosocial risks can impact workers' musculoskeletal health. The webinar also provides information on some of the tools that are available to OSH professionals to counteract MSD risk factors. This is followed by a presentation on the Belgian component of the European SLIC inspection campaign on the prevention of MSDs. The webinar highlights the background of the inspection campaign, the scope and targeted sectors and the proceedings and inspection points.

The webinar is useful for anyone working on MSD risk reduction programmes, labour inspectors and other OSH professionals.


  • Yves De Groeve, Labour inspector CBE East Flanders, member of the SLIC EMEX working group, National Coordinator of the Ergonomics Knowledge Department
  • Nicoleta Manolescu, Social Inspector, CBE Brussels, National Ergonomics Knowledge Directorate
Federal Public Service: Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue