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European Federation of Nurses Associations

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Mission Statement
The mission of EFN is to promote and protect nurses and the nursing profession with particular reference to the EU, by lobbying the European Institutions, like: the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Council of Europe.

The EFN provides a broad platform for developing health and social EU policy by supporting the European Union decision making process on all areas which affect the nursing profession. The EFN is strong on working towards a unified voice for nursing in the EU, promoting the value of nursing and strengthening the relationships between National Nursing Associations, specialist nurses and other health care professionals.
Our campaign pledge
The EFN will work together with all stakeholders in the fields of health and community care to ensures that this campaign becomes a success for the frontline nurses, their patients, and all the Europeans.
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Secretary General
Nurses at the frontline need healthy workplaces for their own safety and for that of their patients.
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Secretary General
+32 2 512 74 19

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