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European Federation of Building and Woodworkers

Organisation Type
Business sector
Bygge- og anleggsvirksomhet
Mission Statement
Our organisation aims to defend the rights and interests of workers for the sectors represented by our organisation and to help coordinate European policies to benefit them. To achieve this, we actively engage in European social dialogue and attempt to bring issues, interests, and the concerns of our sector to the attention of the European Institutions. In turn we provide national affiliated organisations with information from the EU level that is relevant and useful to them.
Our campaign pledge
Promoting the campaign in different ways (social media, meetings with affiliates and social partners) to our national affiliates and actively support the actions our affiliates take on national level.
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General Secretary
The EFBWW aims to defend the rights of the workers who are suffering from work-related musculoskeletal disorders. To achieve this the EFBWW is activily engaged in the European social dialogue and will bring the risks of work-related MSDs to the attention of the European Institutions. This campaign will be promoted in all EFBWW events and our affiliated organisations will be encouraged to participate and contribute to this campaign.
Main contact
Political secretary Safety and Health
+32 (0)2 - 2271040

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