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industriAll European Trade

Organisation Type
Business sector
Mission Statement
The industriAll European Trade Union aims to develop common views and positions with its affiliates in order to build up efficient strategies to defend the economic, social and cultural interests of the workers in these industries on a basis of solidarity, mutual respect and common principles. The industriAll European Trade Union advocates thorough social reforms, the reinforcement of democracy and the promotion of economic and social progress in Europe. It supports an integrated Europe without borders, with common social standards, a high level of social protection and the involvement of workers and trade union representatives.

The industriAll European Trade Union is established to organize and enhance the collective power of working people in Europe, to defend their rights and advance their common goals with respect to both companies and States. To this end, the industriAll European Trade Union works on pushing forward the coordination and development of collective bargaining, industrial relations and social policies. We aim to be a powerful player in the European policy arena vis-à-vis European companies, European industries, employers’ associations and European institutions.
Our campaign pledge
We will raise awareness for the campaign and its key messages among our 180 national member organisations and encourage them to become active themselves.
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Isabelle BARTHES
Deputy General Secretary
Health and Safety is always been at the heart of trade union activities. All workers should enjoy healthy workplaces, free from physical and psycho-social burdens. We are looking forward to cooperating with this campaign.
Main contact
Policy Advisor
+32 2226 0050