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Important: Get your workplace ready in case COVID-19 arrives in your community! This guidance, available in the OSHwiki, is designed to assist employers and businesses in providing advice to staff in non-healthcare settings on the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. It explains how to help prevent the spread of respiratory infections such as COVID-19 and what to do if someone with suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19 has been in the workplace. You will also find advice on travel and meetings as...Továbbiak megtekintése
The Dutch company Mansholt BV received a Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Award for reducing workers’ exposure to potentially harmful dust in the potato-sorting shed. The company collaborated with the occupational health service provider Stigas by combining technical, organisational and personal protective measures that have considerably reduced the amount of dust in the air. Together they worked on purchasing new equipment and updating production processes. The case study is an example of how...Továbbiak megtekintése
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The German Federal Association of Glazier Trade won a Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Award for developing safe and economical techniques for handling material containing asbestos. The methods are based on using manual tools, working outdoors and using heat only if the putty does not contain bitumen. Ever since, over 300 glaziers have been trained to safely remove asbestos-containing glazing putty. The procedure is now an official requirement for every glazier in Germany. Read the case study...Továbbiak megtekintése
Formacare , the formaldehyde sector group of the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic), has published the first results of its Voluntary Agreement to protect workers’ health from formaldehyde exposure. The results show that 99.7% of workers are...
In the last 20 years, the World Cancer Day on 4 February has grown into a powerful movement inspiring organisations, communities and individuals to increase awareness and take action for reducing the global impact of the disease. Work-related cancer remains the biggest occupational health challenge in Europe. 120,000 cancer cases occur annually because of exposure to carcinogens at work. Through research and awareness raising activities, EU-OSHA contributes actively to the fight against work-...Továbbiak megtekintése
The Czech pharmaceutical company VAKOS XT, a.s., became one of this year’s Good Practice Awards winners for developing measures to protect police and rescue services personnel from exposure to illegal narcotics. The technique results in real improvements, as reported by exposed workers, such as decrease in symptomatic toxic indications (e.g. muscle spasms and cramps or non-specific headaches). Likewise, the procedures for workplace preventive decontamination led to a reduction in long-term...Továbbiak megtekintése
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The French road construction and maintenance company Eiffage Infrastructure received a Good Practice Award 2018-19 for developing a system that removes completely the risks of workers and the environment exposed to hazardous solvents. The new process involves less laboratory equipment, saves time, money and resources and has increased productivity by 30%. The method was developed in line with the prevention policy of EIFFAGE Infrastructures, which is to design and use products or methods that...Továbbiak megtekintése
Following a successful campaign closing summit, EU-OSHA thanks all partners for taking part in the 2018 -19 Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign. It's thanks to their hard work that the campaign has been so effective. Preparations are already well under way for the next campaign. The 2020-22 campaign — Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load — tackles musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), a persistent problem affecting millions of workers across Europe. Find out more about the next...Továbbiak megtekintése
The 2-day event held in Bilbao brought policy-makers, social partners, EU-OSHA’s focal points, official campaign partners, media partners and other stakeholders together to celebrate the end of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign . The Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards were handed over in a very emotional ceremony and delegates exchanged good practice, reflected on the lessons learned and pledged their commitment to tackling future challenges together. A summary of...Továbbiak megtekintése
Among the multiple resources of the 2018-19 Healthy Workplaces campaign, the EU-OSHA e-tool on dangerous substances and chemical products aims to provide enterprises with the information and advice they need to assess and manage the related safety and health hazards. With a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises and companies without specific knowledge of dangerous substances, this interactive web-based guide provides tailored and easy-to-understand background and good practice information...Továbbiak megtekintése