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Hovmand A/S

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Business sector
Mission Statement
We make materials handling more efficient and improve the daily work life. This is what we have been striving to do for the last 50 years. Hovmand wants to create a work environment that is safe and healthy for anybody who is working in production, warehouses, in supermarkets or in any other area where manual materials handling and heavy lifting is part of the daily work life.
We have helped numerous businesses worldwide to achieve better ergonomics and occupational health & safety by eliminating harmful work processes.
It is not only employees who benefit from improved working conditions. Preventive measures in the workplace will also have positive effects on individual levels within a company, such as a reduction in the number of interruptions to operations, reduced downtime, a lower number of work-related accidents and an improved corporate culture.
Our campaign pledge
With our partner network across Europe and our direct access to different industrial sectors, Hovmand can raise awareness for MSD and promote education by reaching key decision-makers for the EU-OSHA campaign. We will endorse appropriate resourcing, engage us in different communication activities and will of course practice what we preach. We are looking forward to being a part of the EU-OSHA’s mission to defend MSDs and make the workplace a safe and healthy place for all people.
CEO and owner
“Preventive measures for safe and healthy work practices will ensure a company to stay productive and competitive in the long term.”
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Head of Marketing
+45 57833300

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