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European Week for Safety and Health at Work 2022

FCBZR is organizing a visit to the training base of Electrohold / CEZ/. Representatives of the General Labour Inspectorate and the Sofia Labor Inspectorate are invited to the meeting. The CEO of Electrohold will be praised. The event will inlcude a speech by colleague Krustan Krustanov, who will introduce the mobile application that controls and reports on the results of occupational safety and health (OSH) in Elektrohold. Colleagues from the Pleven and Vratsa OSH branch organisations are also invited as guests.

The 2022 European Week for Safety and Health at Work is again about raising awareness on the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 20-22, running since October 2020. With the topic: Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load, the campaign tackles the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

The campaign is putting the focus on different "priority areas" within the wide topic of MSDs, and until now several priority areas have gathered a variety of resources, such as info sheets, infographics, presentations, reports, OSHwiki articles and many more. Many news articles are also being published highlighting different angles of these priority areas. Psychosocial risks is the last priority promoted from September to November 2022.

Foundation Center for Safety and Health at Work - FCBZR
Training base of Electrohold / CEZ/SofiaBulgaria