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ZF Friedrichshafen AG

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Vice President Corporate Occupational Safety, Environmental Protection and Health Services ZF Group
Healthy employees are the most important asset of our company. Caring for our people is a commitment that goes beyond profit and that is not negotiable. We continuously invest in improving the working conditions at ZF and strongly promote Leadership and Employee Involvement in Health and Safety.
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EHS efforts are an integral part of ZF financial success and the growth of the company. Environmental, Health and Safety leadership may come from management, but it is the employees manufacturing the products who use the EHS practices every day. As a company that protect occupants and road users we have a “Vision Zero Accident Goal”. It starts with Safety – in product design and for our employees.
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Active employee involvement is one key success factor of our health and safety program. Our sites will perform several activities where employees can actively participate in order to increase their awareness for safe handling of dangerous substances.
ZF Friedrichshafen AG
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