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National Focal Points

Institutul Naţional de Cercetare - Dezvoltare pentru Protecţia Muncii ''Alexandru Darabont'' - INCDPM, București

Mission Statement
INCDPM is the unique R&D National Institute on Occupational Safety in Romania. It works under the coordination of the Ministry of Education and Research and in close collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Justice.

INCDPM develops applicative research on OSH to improve the health and safety at work in all the economic sectors, and to consolidate an effective preventive culture in Romania e.g.: o Impact studies on the employees’ health and safety related risks at the workplace; o Certification of work equipment and PPE/EU Notified Body; o Studies and researches for the scientific substantiation of the OSH legal framework and national strategy; o OSH Standards under the coordination of the Romanian Standardization Association (ASRO); o Risk assessment and auditing methods; o OSH training courses; o OSH publications.

INCDPM is a R&D prevention body and a policy maker in the OSH area, through its contribution to the elaboration and substantiation of the national OSH strategy/policies/programmes, in line with the European strategies and regulations in force.

Since 2001, INCDPM is hosting the EU OSHA Focal Point - Romania as a portal for the collection and dissemination of OSH information from the national level to the Agency, and from the Agency and other EU organizations to the national stakeholders, with the support of its National Network.
Main contact
Ioana-Georgiana NICOLESCU
office [at] inpm [dot] ro
+40 21 313 31 58