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Identifying safety hazards during a workplace inspection is key, but finding out how work might be harming workers’ bodies is also essential. Body and hazard mapping are methods to address these issues and identify common patterns of safety hazards...Mehr anzeigen
Our "Healthy workers, thriving companies practical guide to wellbeing at work" presents a hands-on approach to preventing and managing work-related psychosocial risks and musculoskeletal disorders. European workers report these two issues as the...Mehr anzeigen
Der menschliche Körper muss in Bewegung bleiben, um gut funktionieren zu können: Die Vermeidung statischer Körperhaltungen ist wichtig, um Muskel- und Skeletterkrankungen (MSE) und anderen Gesundheitsproblemen vorzubeugen. Das Thema „Langes Sitzen...Mehr anzeigen
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The type of work done by workers in many industries is changing, and as a result, the occupational risks we face are changing too. Physical work is being replaced by sedentary work, which carries its own risks. Prolonged sitting is now the third...Mehr anzeigen
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Photo by mohamed Hassan on Pixabay

In May, the outlines for the inspection campaign on the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workforce were adopted when the Senior Labour Inspectors Committee (SLIC) gathered at the 79th Plenary Meeting. The SLIC working group for...Mehr anzeigen