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Understanding new OSH legislation relevant to musculoskeletal disorders

The Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load campaign is now at full speed and events and initiatives to raise awareness of work-related musculoskeletal conditions are taking place across Europe.

To present an update on both campaign developments and the latest occupational safety and health (OSH) legislation in Cyprus, the Cypriot focal point is organising a webinar for inspectors from the Department of Labour Inspection on 24 June. The webinar particularly focuses on amendments to OSH legislation connected to musculoskeletal disorders. Speakers highlight the out-of-court settlement procedure for safety and health legislation and discuss new regulations for the management of OSH issues. The webinar concludes with a general discussion of the topic.

This webinar provides a useful insight to new legislative updates for all labour inspectors working in Cyprus.


  • Aristos Economides – Senior Labour Inspection Officer
  • Christos Kokkofitis – Labour Inspection Officer
  • Giannis Koudounaris – Senior Meteorological Officer
  • Katerina Plati – Labour Inspection Officer
  • Marina Kouyialli – Labour Inspection Officer
Department of Labour Inspection, Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance