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Cyprus – Introducing the Healthy Workplaces campaign to labour inspectors

Labour inspectors play a key role in ensuring all legal aspects of occupational safety and health are respected and that both employers and employees alike benefit from healthy workplaces.

In light of EU-OSHA’s new Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load campaign, focusing on musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), as the most common work-related diseases in Europe, the Cypriot focal point is organising a webinar for labour inspectors from the Department of Labour Inspection (DLI). The online event introduces the promotional activities planned for the campaign to the DLI inspectors, in addition to presenting other important aspects of the campaign relevant to their work, such as the management of confidential documents. Aside from the national perspective on ensuring healthy workplaces, speakers also refer to the topic at a European level and the inspectors learn about various occupational accidents that have occurred in other Member States to help them to better deal with such situations, as well as how they can access the electronic platform for the exchange of information between competent authorities (KSS), which can be useful in their field of work.

The panels are followed by debates giving the participants the opportunity to exchange knowledge, ideas and suggestions for further improvements and future activities.


  • Olga Nicolaidou, Labour inspection officer at the Department of Labour Inspection

  • Katerina Plati, Labour inspection officer inspector at the Industrial Pollution Control Section, Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance Cyprus

  • Maria Orphanou, Labour inspector at the Department of Labour Inspection

  • Yiannos Koudounaris, Labour inspector

Department of Labour Inspection (DLI), Ministry of Labour, Welfare and Social Insurance