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EU-OSHA and its partners have once again joined forces to organise hundreds of awareness-raising events and activities across Europe between 21 and 25 October. This year’s European Week for Safety and Health at Work continues to support the topic of the current Healthy Workplaces Campaign — managing dangerous substances in the workplace. Help to make Europe’s workplaces safer and healthier by promoting campaign resources , participating in an event near you or using our dangerous substances e-...Lisateave
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European Week for Safety and Health at Work in Spain: 40 opportunities to get to know how to manage dangerous substances at work
In the final stretch of this campaign, the Spanish Network for Safety and Health at Work invites students, workers and employers to participate in the wide program of activities which have been developed to raise awareness on the importance of preventing exposure to hazardous substances at work. Within the framework of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, more than 40 events take place in 29 Spanish cities, with the aim of promoting measures to prevent workers' exposure to dangerous...Lisateave
The winning and commended organisations at the 14 th Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards all went beyond the minimum legal requirements to protect workers by developing innovative and effective practices that are sustainable and transferable...
Simple prevention measures, big impact In Czechia, the pharmaceutical company VAKOS XT, a.s. collaborated on the Detoxikon project to minimise harm to safety personnel (such as police and rescue services) from accidental exposure to psychoactive substances. This involved the implementation of preventive procedures to decontaminate workplaces and vehicles. Training was also introduced to raise awareness of the risks and inform workers (up to 1,000) about how to use personal protective equipment...Lisateave
Some groups of workers are more at risk than others when exposed to dangerous substances. This can happen because these workers are inexperienced, uninformed or physically more vulnerable. Other reasons include frequent change of jobs , or working in sectors where awareness is low, or because of greater or different physiological sensitivity. EU-OSHA’s new info sheet on vulnerable workers and dangerous substances can help. It explains employers’ responsibilities, highlights which groups of...Lisateave
On 12 and 13 November in Bilbao, EU-OSHA and its most active partners and supporters are celebrating the successful closing of the 2018-19 Healthy Workplaces Campaign Manage Dangerous Substances . It is the last time during this campaign for leading European experts and decision makers to share experiences and highlight good practices in promoting the prevention of exposure to and the safe management of dangerous substances. The Summit will also provide an opportunity to celebrate the Healthy...Lisateave
On 21 October, EU-OSHA, alongside its partners, sets the wheels in motion for the European Week for Safety and Health at Work to encourage participative and active safety management of dangerous substances. A major milestone of the current Healthy Workplaces Campaign , the week inspires hundreds of events all over Europe, such as film screenings, social media events, conferences, exhibitions, competitions and training sessions. Why don't you find out what is happening near you between 21 and 25...Lisateave
Cancer is estimated to be the main cause of work-related death in the EU. A large proportion of cancers may be linked to exposure to carcinogens at work. As a signatory to the Roadmap on Carcinogens , EU-OSHA is committed to raising awareness of these risks. A new info sheet to support the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign provides practical advice on avoiding the risks from carcinogens in the workplace and links to useful resources. Read the info sheet – a joint...Lisateave
As part of the 14 th Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards, 6 organisations were awarded and 4 were commended for their outstanding commitment to the promotion of occupational safety and health (OSH) practices that protect workers and boost...
The Good Practice Awards jury were looking for examples that: are directly related to reducing the risks caused by dangerous substances; prioritised collective measures; led to tangible improvements; go beyond minimum requirements of the legislation; are sustainable and transferable to other countries, sectors or enterprises. The most efficient and effective way to control and reduce the risks posed by dangerous substances is through elimination or substitution. This is why it is at the top of...Lisateave
Six organisations are awarded and four are commended in EU-OSHA’s 14th Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards scheme . The 2018-19 competition highlights good practice in managing dangerous substances, and recognises organisations that take a proactive, participative approach to assessing risks and implementing solutions. Every organisation — whatever the size or sector — can learn something from the selected examples. Check out our Good Practice Awards booklet to find out more. Read the press...Lisateave
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SAF€RA General Assembly Participants

During its 2019 General Assembly and Strategy Workshop in Helsinki on June 25th and 26th, SAF€RA members received information about the Manage Dangerous Substances Campaign. The participants recognised the importance of the topic of the campaign and...
SAF€RA Partnership comprises of various ministries, research institutes and funders promoting a collaborative approach to research programming – which helps to join-up learning, reduce costs and duplicated efforts, and further the dissemination of what’s been learnt so that there’s greater impact. Hosted jointly by The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (TUKES), Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and Finnish Work Environment Fund, SAF€RA members met to review past achievements as well as...Lisateave