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EU-OSHA cooperates with SLIC’s inspection campaign on MSDs

In May, the outlines for the inspection campaign on the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in the workforce were adopted when the Senior Labour Inspectors Committee (SLIC) gathered at the 79th Plenary Meeting.

The SLIC working group for emerging risks (WG EMEX) has set up the framework of this campaign, indicating the sectors to be analysed and preparing a questionnaire and other materials to support the European labour inspectors.

The SLIC’s campaign represents the first collaboration with EU-OSHA within the context of its ongoing Healthy Workplaces Campaign `Lighten the Load’ on preventing work-related MSDs. This cooperation also involves EU-OSHA’s National Focal Points and the tripartite networks in the discussions about how to prevent MSDs at the national level. All EU Member States and Norway have informed SLIC Secretariat about two contact persons for the coordination and planning of the campaign in their respective countries.

SLIC is the advisory body to the European Commission in monitoring the enforcement of EU legislation at the national level. It comprises experts who are representatives of labour inspectorates from the EU Member States, as well as Observer States.

More information about SLIC in EC’s site and in our OSHwiki article

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