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Privat virksomhed
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Liberale, videnskabelige og tekniske tjenesteydelser
Mission Statement
Our Vision 2025 is well aligned with the EU OSHA Healthy Workplaces goals and strategy to fight Musculoskeletal disorders realted to workplaces, especially when directly working with our clients on HSE topics. DEKRA's mission directly supports the Healthy Workplace campaign through five elements:
- Our picture of the future “We live in a safe world” is based on the human need for safety, and represents our wish to be consistent in our dedication to human safety
- Our Vision “We will be the global partner for a safe world” describes our ambition for the future
- Our Mission “We ensure safety” describes our role in society
Our Corporate Principles are strategic guidelines toward which the company is oriented.
- Our People Values serve as guidelines for the day-to-day behavior of all DEKRA employees.
Our campaign pledge
As a global leader in health and safety consultancy and advisory, DEKRA is committed to improve the health and safety performance of organizations across all industries and regions with state-of-the-art expertise, paired with pragmatic and result oriented methods and technologies. The EU OSHA Healthy Workplaces campaigns help to increase the visibility of relevant topics and promote risk awareness among organizations.
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Sebastian BARTELS
Senior Vice President, BL HSE & Sustainability
Since many years, DEKRA is supporting EU OSHA's campaigns to improve the health & safety performance of organizations. This campaign's focus on Musculoskeletal Disorders is a valid aspect and affects employees in all industries and company sizes. As a global leader in HSE advisory and consultancy services, DEKRA is committed to use and apply state-of-the-art technology and methods, combined with pragmatic and result oriented approaches to improve health and safety. DEKRA will promote the Healthy Workplaces campaign as trusted partner for all industries in the EU and worldwide. We use our visibility and network to support and promote the EU OSHA healthy workplaces campaign on MSD in our direct communication with clients and partners.
Main contact
Sebastian BARTELS
Senior Vice President, BL HSE & Sustainability
+49 71178610

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