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Slovakia - Seminar on how to avoid risks posed by dangerous substances

Hotel YasminKošice Slovakia

This seminar brings together national network partners, security technicians and other interested professionals to discuss the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign.

Speakers present Slovakian legislation that is designed to put prevention measures into practice, regulate the usage of chemicals in the workplace, and ensure the safe transport of dangerous substances. They stress the importance of the employer’s role in this process, to ensure that dangerous chemical agents are safely managed.

Speakers illustrate the benefits of sharing best practice examples. They also highlight the risks stemming from insufficient control and discuss how to avoid the use of dangerous substances in the workplace. They present new and innovative ways of promoting occupational safety and health (OSH) measures in order to motivate enterprises to implement them, and to encourage employees to adapt to them.


  • Laurencia Jančurová, National Focal Point Manager, National Labour Inspectorate
  • Daniela Gecelovská, National Labour Inspectorate
  • Daniela Tarabčáková, Regional Public Health Authority
  • Iva Olachová, National Labour Inspectorate
  • Juraj Uherek, Association for OSH and FFP
  • Mária Radvanská, EEN Ambassador and RPIC representative
  • Marián Bednarčík, National Labour Inspectorate
National Labour Inspectorate
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