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Poland - Conference on the safe handling of chemical substances in the workplace

Polish Academy of SciencesJabłonnaPoland

This conference aims to increase the knowledge of occupational safety and health (OSH) experts on chemical substances in the workplace and highlights practical ways to manage them effectively, minimising health risks for workers.

Speakers give an overview of the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign, stressing that the exposure to dangerous substances is more common than most people realise.  They also present new legal requirements on carcinogenic chemicals and their impact on enterprises, illustrated by examples of irregularities found during health inspections.

Speakers present OSH data sheets as a basic source of information on dangerous substances in the workplace and share practical ways to eliminate or substitute them, including risk and exposure assessments. Finally, they discuss fire and explosion threats caused by bad storage practices or the use of chemical substances and share good examples on their safe handling, usage and storage.



  • Jadwiga Mendelewska, Head of the Poviat Sanitary and Epidemiological Station
  • Jarosław Biała, Expert on fire protection, DELPHI BDU consultancy
  • Jolanta Skowroń, Secretary, Inter-ministerial Committee for Maximum Permissible Concentration and Intensity of Agents Harmful to Health in the Working Environment
  • Katarzyna Grabowska-Wawrzeniecka, Owner, DELPHI BDU
  • Małgorzata Pośniak, Head of the Department of Chemical and Biological Hazards, Centralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy - Panstwowy Instytut Badawczy (CIOP-PIB)
  • Mieczysław Jankowski, Health and Safety Specialist, Centrum Kształcenia Mieczysław Jankowski
  • Wiktor M. Zawieska, Deputy Director, CIOP-PIB for Engineering and Implementation
Centralny Instytut Ochrony Pracy - Panstwowy Instytut Badawczy
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