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Preventing MSDs – discussing the latest research and statistics

On 16 November, the French focal point hosts a seminar for regional and local occupational safety and health (OSH) stakeholders on the latest research and statistics into the risks and prevention of MSDs.

Speakers present the results of a survey on the changes in physical exposure to MSDs since 2003, as well as the first results of the FEAR health study into MSDs and organisational justice. Participants then learn about MSDs and the digitization of work, with a focus on psychosocial risk factors and MSDs. Finally, speakers present regional tools and procedures for preventing MSDs and discuss the latest innovations in the field.

The event takes place in Nantes with around 100 regional OSH stakeholders, prevention workers, SME representatives, doctors and local associations and institutions.


  • Erwan Boisard and/or François Benazeraf, DREETS PDL
  • Caroline Manville, University of Toulouse
  • Marion Duval, DARES
  • Nathalie Poussin, CARSAT PDL
  • Pierre Jourdain, RESTEV
  • Véronique Tassy, DREETS PDL
  • Yves Roquelaure, CHU Angers
Ministère du Travail