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Cancer is the leading cause of work-related death in the EU, responsible for around 80,000 deaths each year. More can, and must, be done to reduce this number. The Roadmap on Carcinogens is aiming to raise awareness of the risks arising from...
Carcinogens cover a range of substances, from solvents to process-generated materials such as the particles found in welding fumes and silica dust. To combat the risks posed by carcinogens, 6 European organisations, including EU-OSHA, signed up to what became known as the Roadmap on Carcinogens in May 2016. Social partners, companies, research organisations and other stakeholders across Europe are all encouraged to participate. Established in 2016 under the Netherlands EU Presidency, a number...Per saperne di più
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Consulte nuestra programación de eventos en España y anímese a participar
UNA OPORTUNIDAD ÚNICA PARA DESVELAR LA AMENAZA INVISIBLE! LA SEMANA EUROPEA 2018 OFRECE LA OPORTUNIDAD DE PARTICIPAR EN MÚLTIPLES ACTIVIDADES EN TODA ESPAÑA, EN EL MARCO DE LA CAMPAÑA TRABAJOS SALUDABLES: ALERTA FRENTE A SUSTANCIAS PELIGROSAS. Gracias a la Red Española de Seguridad y Salud en el Trabajo se han programado más de 50 eventos de apoyo a la Campaña "Trabajos saludables: alerta frente a Sustancias peligrosas". Estos eventos son de diferente índole (cursos, conferencias, cinefórum,...Per saperne di più
Can the example of how a bigger company manage its chemical products inspire SMEs ? The answer is apparently yes, as a 20 participants had the opportunity to visit the factory of L'Oreal, in Libramont (B), on September 28th, to see how dangerous...
A workshop organised by the Belgian Focal Point of EU-OSHA and the Enterprsie Europe Network- OSH Ambassador, allowed participants of several sectors to understand the new campaign and how it is important to take measures in the framework of dangerous substances. The safety advisers of L'Oréal also explained how they proceed on their side, from the order of a substance until it is added to the production. They showed what concrete solutions they had put in place to prevent risks due to the...Per saperne di più
To tie in with the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign, EU-OSHA has created new infosheets on two important topics in this area. Practical tools and guidance on dangerous substances in workplaces looks at the importance of such resources in limiting workers’ exposure to harmful substances. It describes and links to many existing tools from the database that can be used for effective safety and health management. Manufactured nanomaterials in the workplace provides...Per saperne di più
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EU-OSHA’s campaign toolkit has had a revamp to mark the 2018-19 campaign Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances . The toolkit, which offers practical advice on running an effective campaign for better safety and health management, is easier to use than ever. It also features many new examples of good practice in campaign activities, from events to social media and advertising. Check out the new-look toolkit Visit the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances websitePer saperne di più
The rapid development of nanotechnologies has brought with it concerns about the potential hazards to human health. Managing the risks associated with nanomaterials in the workplace is fundamentally the same as for other dangerous substances...
What are nanomaterials? Manufactured nanomaterials are structures on a scale comparable to that of atoms and molecules, invisible to the naked eye. Their small size allows for the development of light-weight materials with high strength, high conductivity or high chemical reactivity. Nanotechnologies are often viewed as one of the critical breakthroughs of the 21st Century. Nanomaterials are now used in a wide-range of products and sectors. You may have come into contact with them in your daily...Per saperne di più
On 22 October, EU-OSHA, alongside its partners, sets the wheels in motion for the European Week for Safety and Health at Work to encourage participative and active safety management of dangerous substances. A major milestone of the current Healthy Workplaces Campaign , the week inspires hundreds of events all over Europe, such as film screenings, social media events, conferences, exhibitions, competitions and training sessions. Why don't you find out what is happening near you between 22 and 26...Per saperne di più
In the context of the ENES Programme 2020 and the EU-OSHA campaign on management of dangerous substances Fecc has update the guidance on mangement of Exposure Scenarios in the Safety Data Sheet.
Effective communication between suppliers and customers helps to ensure that relevant information of substances and mixtures is provided in the supply chain ensuring the safe use of them. As the link between manufacturers and downstream users the transfer of the information in the supply chain is key for distributors. However, when communicating the relevant safety data sheet (SDS) and exposure scenario (ES) distributors frequently observe significant inconsistencies in the information on safe...Per saperne di più
What can be done to prevent the harmful effects of carcinogens in the workplace, and what are the emerging issues in this area? On 24 - 25 September, the Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU is hosting a high-level conference, ‘Fight against Occupational Cancer’ , in Vienna. A range of speakers and participants, including politicians, social partners and experts in the field explore ways of protecting Europe’s workers from exposure to carcinogens at work. EU-OSHA chairs a session that...Per saperne di più
The Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards 2018-2019 celebrate outstanding and innovative approaches to managing dangerous substances in the workplace. It’s a great way to get involved in the campaign and gain recognition for your company’s...
Who can participate? The competition is open to all interested organisations and individuals across Europe, and also to intermediaries such as social partners, safety and health practitioners and professionals, and advisers on occupational safety and health (OSH) at the workplace level. Entries are still open in most countries so if you are interested in taking part you can download the Good Practice Awards flyer , available in many languages, for further details. Entries should demonstrate a...Per saperne di più