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Poland – Press conference launches the Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load campaign

Journalists play a key role in raising awareness of EU-OSHA’s ‘Lighten the Load’ campaign 2020-22 and getting information into the public sphere. Therefore, the Polish Central Institute for Labour Protection is holding a press conference with journalists to launch the Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load Campaign in Poland.

At the press conference, journalists receive a campaign pack and video material related to the campaign in order to provide more information on the scope and scale of the problem of musculoskeletal disorders in Europe. In addition, they are given more information on the Good Practice Awards, which offer organisations the opportunity to promote and share their good practices in the field of OSH. The awards also offer journalists the perfect opportunity to report on the campaign and understand how Polish organisations are preventing musculoskeletal disorders among their workers.

The press conference takes place in Warsaw with around 30 journalists representing various media outlets.

 Contact person: Wioleta KLIMASZEWSKA –

Central Institute for Labour Protection and National Research Institute (CIOP-PIB)