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Greece - EFNMS Ergonomics Seminar & Workshop on Body & Hazard Mapping

The main scope of the seminar was the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders with the use of body mapping technique.

During the seminar, the trainer ran both body and hazard mapping sessions in the context of different workshops. The participating workers (men and women), divided into smaller mixed groups accordingly, were asked to fill out a specific flipchart body diagram and a questionnaire. Upon completion of each workshop, all the material was gathered for evaluation, in order to outline the corresponding conclusions and statistical results.


The workshops consisted of two different sessions:


  • The first session was about the body mapping of the work-related musculoskeletal disorders and symptoms.

In particular, the trainer handed out to the participants a front and back human body outline -  i.e. a body map (chart) showing the front and back views of a man / woman body accordingly - along with instructions on how to indicate the musculoskeletal symptoms. The latter, were divided in five categories marked in distinct colors as shown below:

  1. Red, for aches and pains
  2. Blue, for cuts and bruises
  3. Green, for illnesses
  4. Black, for stress symptoms
  5. Pink, for any other symptom