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EFNMS Maintenance Webinar 'Confined Spaces'

On 14 April, the EHSEC committee in collaboration with NVDO, organised the Maintenance Webinar 'Confined Spaces' under the guidance of Jan Teun Koningen. 

In the first part of the webinar Dr. George Scroubelos (EHSEC Chairman) defined the term 'confined spaces' and presented the two different types, focusing on the ones requiring a permit and their expected hazards. He concluded by refering to the general confined spaces' safety rules and measures. 

In the second part of the webinar Mr Andriano Paolo Bacchetta (EURSAFE President) talked about the required permits for Confined Spaces in the general industry.

The importance of Maintenance Services and Management was also thoroughly presented for ensuring a safe working environment and improving productivity.

The main conclusions of the webinar can be summarised as such: 

  • Avoid working in Confined Spaces
  • Train workers and all involved parties
  • Review the Risk Assessment Study
  • Conduct air quality measurements







EFNMS - EHSEC Committee & NVDO
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