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Expert meeting and workshop on reducing strain and ensuring healthy workplaces

On 16 October, OSH experts and medical personnel come together to discuss the current and emerging risks facing workplaces. The event also includes a live workshop on the prevention of vibration syndrome of the hands and arms.

Organised by the Croatian focal point, the event starts with a discussion on the risks facing workers exposed to strain at work. This is followed by presentations relating to COVID-19 and its recognition as an occupational disease. The annual assembly of the Croatian Society for Occupational Medicine (HDMR) follows and the event concludes with the live workshop.

Taking place in Selce, participants include members of the Croatian Society for Occupational Medicine, the Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Medicine, the Clinical Hospital Centre of Rijeka and the Croatian medical association.


  • Azra Huršidić Radulović, MD
  • Hrvoje Lalić, MD
  • Ivana Kerner, MD
  • Jelena Macan, Croatian Society for Occupational Medicine
  • Rajka Turk, M.Pharm
  • Roko Žaja, MD
  • Tajana Rogina, MD
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