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EU-OSHA’s website offers access to more than a hundred publications on dangerous substances, ranging from factsheets on basic topics to comprehensive reports (e.g. on reprotoxic substances and carcinogens) and encyclopaedic OSHwiki articles, which can be found in the section ‘Dangerous substances’.

During the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2018-19 on dangerous substances many of these publications are being updated and amended, and new publications and new formats are being added.

Campaign infosheets inform the user about basic and priority actions for managing dangerous substances. Infographics are used to bring the most important facts and figures to life. Updated and new OSHwiki articles enlarge and improve the coverage provided by the OSHwiki section on dangerous substances.

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Publications available


This info sheet provides practical guidance on legal obligations and good practice in relation to vulnerable workers who may be exposed to dangerous substances at work. It’s important that risk assessment and preventive measures take into account groups of workers with specific needs or who may...See more

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This info sheet, jointly developed by all partners of the Roadmap on Carcinogens, provides concise practical advice on avoiding the risks from carcinogens in the workplace. Designed as a quick reference document for everyday use, it starts by defining occupational carcinogens and outlining the...See more

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This summary report presents the foundations of a data-driven methodology, established to assess exposure to dangerous substances within EU workplaces and to provide a basis for monitoring trends and developments in exposure and use.

It summarises the...See more

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This info sheet provides an overview of how to deal with manufactured nanomaterials in the workplace. These materials, containing very small particles, are potentially toxic.

The info sheet gives details of relevant EU legislation, explores the possible...See more

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