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Become a campaign media partner


Raise your media organisation’s profile within the extensive occupational safety and health (OSH) community. Gain recognition of your publication as one of the official EU-OSHA campaign media partners and as an organisation dedicated to occupational safety and health at work.


Reach out to EU-OSHA’s networks and stakeholders in Europe and worldwide, get in contact with OSH experts and exchange experiences with peers.


The logo and description of your publication will be placed in the media partners section of this site. You will gain early access to press material and we’ll promote your articles through web and social media.

Our media partners work with us to raise awareness about the campaign topics, using their various channels to advertise and promote the campaign. Our media partners comprise an exclusive pool of journalists and editors from all over Europe interested in promoting occupational safety and health.

Partnership is reserved for media outlets or publications which are willing and able to get substantially involved in the campaign.

For more information on the benefits of becoming a media partner and how to apply, see the campaign media partnership offer (in English only).

Become a campaign media partner

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Mario Stigliano

Mario Stigliano, Safety Focus (Italy)


“The partnership with EU-OSHA has been an element of growth and motivation for our magazine, leading us to increasing the number of workshops organised at national level to create healthy and safe working environments. We are proud to continue this partnership.”

Otmar Pichler

Otmar Pichler, Gesunde Arbeit (Austria)


“As a media partner Gesunde Arbeit benefits from the wide range of content and the networking opportunities provided by EU-OSHA. Working with EU-OSHA is what brings the Healthy Workplaces Campaigns to life and gives us the opportunity to accomplish our mission: raising awareness for safety and health at work and creating healthy workplaces for all!”

James Twigg

James Twigg, (United Kingdom)


“Our media partnership with the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work means that we have the opportunity to support the agency in the promotion of a culture of risk prevention in European workplaces and at the same time keep up-to-date with developments in the field of occupational safety and health and gain access to the expert team at the agency.”


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