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Case studies

Our case studies describe policy initiatives and examples of good practice in the workplace in relation to preventing and managing MSDs.

Topics include the practical application of prevention measures in various sectors and for different types of jobs; dealing with chronic MSDs; MSD prevention in relation to sedentary work; how to manage MSDs in the context of an increasingly diverse workforce; and the close connection between psychosocial risks and MSDs.

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Case 7_Vineyard.pdf.jpeg
27/03/2022 Type: Case studies 3 pages

Reducing musculoskeletal disorders of viticulture workers through a participatory approach involving video analysis

The work of viticulture (grape producing) workers involves long hours of repetitive movements in awkward postures . For a small viticulture company in France, absenteeism had reached 50% during pruning season. To address this issue, management requested assistance from the...

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Case 6_Hotel_.pdf.jpeg
27/03/2022 Type: Case studies 4 pages

Training hotel service workers as prevention coordinators to work with colleagues to prevent musculoskeletal disorders

The work of hotel cleaners, linen keepers and catering staff involves awkward movements and posture, lifting and pushing loads, bending and repetitive arm movements. This case study highlights how training a team of staff members in risk prevention helped a hotel in France...

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Case 5_PVC_plant.pdf.jpeg
27/03/2022 Type: Case studies 3 pages

Improving equipment by involving workers to prevent manual handling risks in a PVC plant

Workers at manufacturing plants are often required to lift, carry and drag heavy loads. This involves repeatedly using the same body parts and puts workers at risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). This case study looks at an intervention to improve equipment and working...

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Case 4_TMS_PRO_reduce_MSDs.pdf.jpeg
27/03/2022 Type: Case studies 6 pages

Using the “TMS PRO” participatory approach to reduce musculoskeletal disorders for packaging line operators in agribusiness  

Packaging line operators are susceptible to injuries and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) because their work involves handling heavy loads, repetitive movements and awkward postures . This case study looks at the collaboration of the Carsat occupational health and prevention...

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Case 3_kitchen_workers.pdf.jpeg
27/03/2022 Type: Case studies 2 pages

Participatory workshops with female food preparation workers to find solutions to musculoskeletal problems

Kitchen workers are susceptible to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) because food preparation tasks involve lifting and carrying loads, as well as awkward and repetitive movements. This case study from Finland looks at how participatory workshops for kitchen workers can help them...

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