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First findings - SLIC Campaign inspections on MSDs

As the inspection campaign on risks of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), run by SLIC working group EMEX, is at full speed, now the first intermediate results are already available. At the end of May 2022, 827 inspections have been conducted through the EU in the field of ergonomic risk factors (MSD SLIC campaign). Labour inspectors visited hairdressers (68 inspections), healthcare and social care (151), the food and drinks industry (361), transportation & courier activities (127), and the construction sector (120). 



The information concerning the state of risk assessment and OSH management was included in the EU Survey, a digital platform provided by the European Commission used for data collection.

Generally, labour inspectors found, in around 46% of all inspected companies, a risk assessment fit for preventing MSDs. In 28% of the cases, the risk assessment was partially fit for the purpose; in 37% of the cases, an evidence-based risk assessment method was used; and in 28% of the inspected companies, a complete OSH-management to prevent MSDs system was implemented.

More information on what is understood as good OSH management and what’s been inspected can be found on the SLIC website.

Throughout the campaign, there has been a close collaboration with EU-OSHA. Good examples of this collaboration have been gathered and spread around the national labour inspectorates. This resulted in thriving interactivity on good practices in the workplace.

These good examples and the results of the campaign will be presented, among other relevant issues, on the 14th -15th of November, where WG EMEX will participate in the Healthy Workplaces Summit, organised by EU-OSHA in Bilbao.