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Discussing OSH in construction and automotive sectors during the 6th Annual Safe Workplace International Conference - INCOBOZ 2018

The International Conference, held over 3 days in Slovakia, featured presentations and good practice examples, notably in relation to the construction and automotive sectors. The focus was on prevention strategies and securing a future for all without fatal or serious occupational injuries, diseases and traffic accidents.


Organised by, among others, EU-OSHA’s official campaign partner ISHCCO – International Safety & Health, the conference included a presentation by Dr Dietmar Elsler from EU-OSHA on the Manage Dangerous Substances Campaign 2018-19, and the costs of work-related accidents and diseases in the EU.

Dr Elsler informed participants that the estimated cost of work-related accidents and diseases in the EU is €476 billion, or 3.3% of EU28 GDP each year. Work-related injury and illness also accounts for 98% of deaths related to work in the EU.

He went on to present the Manage Dangerous Substances Campaign 2018-19 laying out the main messages, providing information on the campaign website, publications and tools, and introducing the Healthy Workplaces Good Practice Awards among other things.

Other sessions of the conference focused on legislative requirements and developments; occupational safety and health (OSH) in the automotive industry; OSH innovations; good practice in the construction industry and on the use of work equipment; and OSH and the working environment.

The conference wrapped up with practical OSH examples including on legislative requirements for employees’ working conditions, safety at construction sites and OSH education and training of employees. The final session analysed and proposed solutions to the issues discussed during the conference.