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Remote work: challenges for employees and how to deal with them

Although the transition to remote working has meant more flexibility for many workers, it has also carried significant occupational safety and health (OSH) risks. Teleworking involves a high proportion of sedentary work which, combined with the lack of ergonomic remote workspaces, could cause or aggravate musculoskeletal conditions among workers.

To examine the issue of remote work from an OSH perspective, the Polish focal point is organising a conference on the topic. The event, entitled ‘Remote work: challenges for employees and how to deal with them’ is designed to encourage participants to introduce changes into their way of working remotely – from rotating sitting and standing positions to effectively managing stress and time. Speakers discuss how to work ergonomically from home and how the practice of teleworking can affect the spine, as well as how physiotherapy can help. They also address how to ensure that changes become long-term habits and examine good practice examples and solutions.

Considering that 60% of companies consider sitting as a risk factor, this is a highly relevant and useful conference for teleworkers, OSH experts and HR managers. Taking place in Warsaw, the conference also includes a stretching and exercise break for all participants.

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