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Portugal - Seminar on the management of flammable and explosive substances in the workplace

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Taking place during the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, this seminar discusses the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous substances campaign with a focus on managing flammable and explosive substances.

Speakers explain the threats posed by the presence of flammable and explosive chemicals in the workplace, which can lead to life-threatening situations for workers. They present ways to safely handle fires and explosions in the workplace and stress the importance of automatic fire extinguishing systems, such as sprinklers.

Finally, they share good practice examples on risk control and present some examples of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX) in order to promote the effective prevention of fires and explosions in the workplace.


  • Emília Telo, National Focal Point Manager, Autoridade para as Condiçôes do Trabalho (ACT)
  • Luisa Guimarães, General Inspector, ACT
  • Paulino Pereira, Director of the Local Center, ACT
  • Marcelino Pena Costa, Employers Representative, Board of EU-OSHA, CCP
  • Ricardo Ribeiro, EEN OSH Ambassador for EU-OSHA, CCIC-CEC
  • Fernando Gomes, Workers representative, General Confederation of the Portuguese Workers (CGTP-IN)
  • Alexandre Sales, Safety and Health at Work technician, EuroPGS
  • José Gândara, Health and Safety Manager, Amorim Cork Composites
  • José Carlos Góis, Chairman, Portuguese Association for the Study and Engineering of Explosives (AP3E)
  • Paula Carvalho, Protection Against Fire Systems Ltd (P2i)
  • Rui Araújo, Safety Technician at Work and Teacher, QStrat Lda.
  • Teresa Real, Occupational Safety Technician, Hygiene, Safety and Health at Work (SEGMAZ)
Autoridade para as Condiçôes do Trabalho
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