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Musculoskeletal disorders and psychosocial risks: Assess, prevent and manage

Drawing on the current priority area of the Healthy Workplaces campaign, Inail Campania Regional Directorate presents a seminar dedicated to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and psychosocial risks.

Tools and applications to improve workplace safety and health are high on the agenda, with a presentation of the 'Aermes' app, an application that assesses the dangers of manual handling of loads; the 'Era' and 'Hovergo' projects for the evaluation of ergonomic risks in the workplace; and 'Safe workers', an IT platform that helps to identify suitable workstations.

The prevalence of MSDs will be explored, as well as the link between MSDs and psychosocial risks.

The event takes place during the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, bringing together a wide range of stakeholders, including occupational safety and health experts, professors, workers and employers.


Moderator: Renato Cavallo – journalist


  • Daniele Leone - Regional Director, Inail Campania
  • Raffaella Papa - President, Spazio alla Responsabilità
  • Maurizio Curtarelli - Project Manager, Prevention and Research Unit, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work
  • Adele Pomponio - Director of the Poai Office, Inail Campania Regional Directorate
  • Raffaele d'Angelo - Contarp Coordinator, Inail Campania Regional Directorate
  • Erminia Attaianese - Associate Professor University of Naples Federico II
  • Antonio Lanzotti - Professor of Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering
  • Raffaele Sibilio - Professor of General Sociology University of Naples Federico II.
Inail Campania Regional Directorate
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