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Denmark - Chemical control: Keeping your skin healthy at work

Odense Denmark

This meeting aims to raise awareness of the risks presented by chemical agents in the workplace. It focuses on the importance of keeping our skin healthy, since skin is the largest organ in the human body.

Speakers explain how chemicals affect the working environment in different industries where the risk of hazardous exposure is extremely high. Additionally, in order to help companies establish a strong risk prevention culture, speakers introduce the STOP principle, which provides an ‘order of priority’ of prevention measures (substitution, technological measures, organisational measures, personal protective measures). They also explain the steps to be taken after a hazard has been identified, and focus on the importance of using risk assessments (APV) as a tool to systematise and manage all the requirements of a safe and healthy working environment. 

Finally, they discuss safe ways to protect workers’ skin from dangerous exposure, which can cause hand eczema and other skin diseases.

Danish Working Environment Authority
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