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European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC)

Organisation Type
Organizație a angajatorilor
Business sector
Mission Statement
Created in 1905, FIEC represents construction companies of all sizes (from the large international group to the small family business and craftsmen) carrying out all types of building and civil engineering activities via its 32 national Member Federations in 28 different countries (25 EU and Norway, Ukraine and Turkey) .
Our campaign pledge
Health and Safety at work is top priority for FIEC and Muskulo-Skeletal Disorders are of direct concern for our industry where construction workers often manipulate heavy loads. Therefore, FIEC plans to contribute to making this campaign a joint success by promoting it throughout its network, via electronic means (i.e. social media), internal and social dialogue meetings, targeted presentations and communication on a regular basis.
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Thomas BAUER
Muskulo-Skeletal Disorders (MSDs) caused at work are of direct concern for our industry and can lead to a wide range of health problems, which in the end, can impact the overall well-being of construction workers. For these reasons Health and Safety at the workplace remains a top priority for FIEC, with the aim of further developing a good culture of prevention amongst companies and to ensure that rules and legislation remain manageable for businesses of all sizes, in particular SMEs, and can effectively be monitored on the ground. Health and Safety is a top priority in the framework of our sectoral Social Dialogue because particularly in our industry, in order to be effectively implemented on the worksites, appropriate measures need to be constantly assessed and improved jointly by employers and workers. In this respect the OSHA Campaigns constitute a very useful framework, which allows us to continuously progress towards our goals.
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