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Mission Statement
ETNO has been the voice of Europe’s telecommunication network operators since 1992 and has become the principal policy group for European electronic communications network operators. Its 40 members and observers from Europe and beyond are the backbone of Europe’s digital progress. They are the main drivers of broadband and are committed to its continual growth in Europe.

ETNO members are pan-European operators that also hold new entrant positions outside their national markets. ETNO brings together the main investors in innovative and high-quality e-communications platforms and services, representing 70% of total sector investment.

ETNO closely contributes to shaping the best regulatory and commercial environment for its members to continue rolling out innovative and high quality services and platforms for the benefit of European consumers and businesses.
Our campaign pledge
Raise awareness internally as part of the health and safety working group\nExternally: newsletters, social media, partnerships\nWebsite, video interview\nShare best practices
Director General
European telecom companies in our membership employ more than half a million citizens across Europe, representing one of the largest and most innovative workforces of the Continent’s. The ongoing pandemic is having a high impact on the working conditions on workers across Europe and this calls for continued economic help from governments and organizational leadership from companies. The future of work is happening now: this is why we are actively participating in the Healthy Workplaces project by the EU OSHA. Joining this initiative is another step towards supporting telecom employees in times of socio-economic change”.
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