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Romania - Seminar on promoting an effective management of dangerous substances

Aula Magna, University of Arad Arad Romania

This seminar discusses the Healthy Workplaces Manage Dangerous Substances campaign and its main objectives. It aims to raise awareness of the dangers posed hazardous substances in the workplace and to promote a culture of risk prevention.

Speakers discuss different aspects of the campaign and its role in raising public awareness of occupational health risks. They look into the European regulations concerning safety and health at work, as well as the role of European agencies in reducing work-related accidents and diseases.

Finally, speakers share good practice examples from their workplaces, followed by a screening of the film ‘’Automatic Fitness’’, a satire of the modernised world of work that won the Healthy Workplaces Film Award in 2015.


  • Ioana-Georgiana Nicolescu, National Focal Point Manager, Institutul Naţional de Cercetare - Dezvoltare pentru Protecţia Muncii (INCDPM)
  • Doru Costin Darabont, Director General, INCDPM
  • Niculae Voinoiu, Director of the Control & OSH Direction, Ministry of Labour and Social Justice (MMFPSPV)
  • Anca Pricop, Head of OSH Department, Ministry of Labour and Social Justice (MMJS)
  • Bogdan Dragomirescu, Deputy General Inspector for Safety and Health at Work, Labor Inspectorate
  • Florentina Horgea, Prefect, Arad County
  • Ramona Lile, Rector, University of Arad
  • Ecaterina Isac, Head of Territorial Labour Inspectorate, Arad
Institutul Naţional de Cercetare - Dezvoltare pentru Protecţia Muncii ''Alexandru Darabont'' (INCDPM)
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