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Three new animated films to help Belgian companies prevent MSDs

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are the main cause of absence from work in Belgium. To help companies prevent them in the long term, EU-OSHA’s Belgian focal point has produced 3 animated films about MSDs and prevention plans.

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The videos are available in French and Dutch and are free-to-view online. The focal point has also created a useful website where you can find information, tips and tools on tackling MSDs in the workplace.

The first video, ‘About MSDs’ explains what MSDs are, who they affect and their impact on businesses. It also stresses the importance of involving all actors in a company at all stages, starting with line managers and workers.

The next video, ‘An MSD plan in 5 steps’ sets out a sustainable prevention plan for companies in 5 simple steps: (1) identify the risks; (2) conduct a risk analysis; (3) develop an action plan; (4) execute the plan; and (5) evaluate the plan.

The third video, ‘the 5-step plan in practice’ focuses on how to create a culture of prevention and to put in place practical and organisational measures in order to reduce absenteeism and improve worker satisfaction.

As well as involving all actors in a company at all stages, it is also important to communicate on the results of any steps taken to everyone so that the whole company buys in to the culture of prevention. And don’t forget, external experts are available to provide support at any stage.

See MSD films (in French and Dutch) on the SPF Employment YouTube channel
More about MSDs (in French and Dutch) on the Belgian Knowledge Centre on Wellbeing at Work website
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