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Common occupational hazards and how to address them

It is a key responsibility of all employers to ensure that workers have a safe and healthy work environment, one that is free from physical and psychosocial risks. It is widely recognised that stress is one of the major contemporary challenges facing occupational health and safety. Stress prevention and management are key in a healthy, well-managed workplace. 


The Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute is organising an event in Poland that covers a variety of potential workplace issues including stress, noise and viruses. Speakers discuss how health problems can be prevented through physical activity in the workplace and how to identify hazards including those related to manual transport or remote work. 


This event in Poznań on 25 April is aimed at all people involved in safety and health protection at work who are interested in up-to-date information prepared by experts and the institutions shaping occupational safety policy at the national level.  



  • Katarzyna Łażewska-Hrycko, Chief Labour Inspector for Labour Protection-National Research Institute 

  • Wiktor M. Zawieska, Director of the Central Institute for Labour Protection-National Research Institute 

  • Dariusz Smoliński, Labour Superintendent, District Labor Inspectorate in Gdańsk, SŁUPSK branch  

  • Grażyna Wośkowiak, Deputy Director of the Wielkopolska Center for Occupational Medicine in Poznań 

  • Joanna Kamińska, Department of Ergonomics, CIOP-PIB 

  • Marta Bem, specialist, National Labor Inspectorate 

  • Partycja Łach, Department of Ergonomics, CIOP-PIB 

The Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute
MTP, Eastern Hall, pavilion No. 3, Zielona roomPoznańPoland