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Privat bolag
Business sector
Försörjning av el, gas, värme och kyla
Mission Statement
ZERO Harm - NO Losses stands for our joint vision, mission and trust that all accidents and losses can be prevented. We act and manage risks in our sphere of influence in such a way that People, Environment, Assets and Reputation are protected. We pro-actively
strengthen our commitment and leadership throughout the organization
improve awareness, knowledge and establish a culture of excellence
develop, empower and take care of our people
Our position as a leading European Oil- and Gas company makes us keenly aware of our responsibility. For this reason, occupational health, safety at work, security & resilience and environmental protection are given top priority. Our guidelines to protect these values (health, safety, security and environment = HSSE) are therefore a core element of how we see ourselves and are an important embodiment of the key objectives within our Group.
Our campaign pledge
Give more room to the topic of Musculoskeletal disorders over the next 3 years!
Rainer SEELE
HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment) is a key value for OMV. The successful integration of HSSE into our business and corporate culture through leadership and commitment of line management, the expertise of HSSE professionals, and the day to day contribution of all employees and contractors in all of our operations and offices worldwide, are paramount to maintain our license to operate - especially in the actual COVID situation. For many years, OMV has provided support and advice to all its employees on the topics of medical, psychosocial and wellbeing through health and safety programs and activities to best address the needs of its employees at work and at home.
Main contact
Head of Health Management
+43 140 440