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Business sector
Mission Statement
We are responsible for the health & safety of our people. Therefore, we should never stop striving for a safe and harmless working environment. This means that on the one hand a zero-accident vision must be the goal in our small and medium-sized member companies. On the other hand preventing employees from MSD risks must be a top priority for the management too. This applies for sedentary administrative tasks as well as for physically demanding jobs on machines in our cold rolling companies.
Our campaign pledge
As an association of the European cold rolling industry, a part of the steel processing sector, we are happy to be part of this campaign. We aim to work together on preventing the risks of MSDs in our SME companies.
Managing Director
We are happy to be a partner in the next campaign focusing on work-related musculoskeletal disorders. Jobs in our steel processing companies are physically and mentally very demanding, so MSD risks cannot be completely eliminated. We aim to raise awareness of such risks in our companies and strive to better control and handle these risks. This is even more important against the background of an ageing workforce.
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