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Toyota Material Handling Europe highlights importance of OSH for business success

Employee safety and health is at the forefront of Official campaign partner Toyota Material Handling Europe’s priorities, as evidenced by their more than 10-year partnership with the Healthy Workplaces campaigns.


In the company’s 2021 sustainability report, Toyota Material Handling Europe underline how their partnership with EU-OSHA has brought important business benefits and enabled them to promote safety and health to the company’s number one priority.

The report also highlights how the partnership is an excellent example of how Toyota Material Handling Europe collaborates with EU institutions and customers to promote “Good Health and Well-being for people” to their employees, customers and suppliers. The partnership has also provided the company with important research on OSH. For example, they now know that 10% of all industrial accidents happen with forklift trucks and have taken safety precautions accordingly.

As a campaign partner and member of the campaign partner steering group, Toyota Material Handling Europe promotes the Healthy Workplaces campaigns via its websites and on social media. It shares material among its employees as well as European customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. The company is also active in sharing best practices with other EU-OSHA partners.

Toyota Material Handling press release