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Addressing psychosocial risks and supporting mental health of older workers: policy and practice in action

The modern world of work is continuously changing, with different aspects of employment affecting various population groups in multiple positive, but also challenging ways. We welcome you to attend our webinar that examines how we can turn the difficulties being faced by older workers into positive assets and developments for both older people and employers.

Addressing psychosocial risks and supporting mental health of older workers: policy and practice in action’ will take place on Tuesday, 25 October 2022 from 14.00 to 15.30 (CET).

During the event we will discuss the role occupational psychosocial health and wellbeing plays as a determinant factor towards the healthy and active ageing of older workers. In addition, we will consider how the public health and employment sectors can join forces to aid this increasingly urgent cause in an ageing society, including a European health and care workforce that is also growing older. 

In anticipation of this webinar, EuroHealthNet will launch a set of strategies for a healthier workplace for older workers, to raise awareness and offer recommendations for policy makers and employers to create inclusive, supportive, and healthy environment at work.

Webinar agenda  

14.00 Welcome and introduction – Alison Maassen, Programme Manager, EuroHealthNet

14.05  Mental health at work in the EU – Dr. F. Jesus Alvarez Hidalgo, DG for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, European Commission

14.15 Pan-European Mental Health Coalition and focus on work and equity – WHO Europe Mental Health at Workplace Guidelines – Jason Maurer, Mental Health Communication Consultant, WHO Regional Office for Europe 

14.25 Mental health and ageing – friend or foe? What’s at stake? – Sarah Loriato, Policy Officer, AGE Platform Europe 

14.35 Occupational Psychosocial Risks and Mental Health of Older Workers  EuroHealthNet offers pathways for progress – Dorota Sienkiewicz, Policy Manager, EuroHealthNet

14.50 Q&A with the audience 

Networking session (30 minutes) 

15.00 Open space to exchange and showcase your effective equity-focused programmes, strategies, policies and/or interventions, ideally with collaboration from public or private employment sectors 

15.30 END of the meeting