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Think carefully about the main campaign message and what you are trying to communicate through your campaign.

You should be able to summarise your message in simple terms, relevant to your target audience:

For example: Don’t use your mobile phone while driving.

Once you have your message you will need to have supporting arguments to explain in greater depth why the target audience should listen to you. This is where you underline the depth of the problem, possibly backing your evidence with some statistical data and demonstrating the beneficial effects of the changes you are asking for.

Supporting messages for the safe driving example above could include:

  • Driving while using a mobile phone is not only illegal but it is also dangerous.
  • If you are caught using your mobile phone while on the road, you not only risk losing your licence and your job, but you could cause a serious accident.
  • Using a mobile phone, even hands-free, creates a significant accident risk both to you and other road users.
  • One in twenty road traffic accidents are caused by mobile phone usage.
  • If you need to make a business call, pull-over to a safe location to give it your full attention.